Introduction to Brush Lettering Workshop

On a Saturday morning (25th of February) I ran my first ‘Introduction to Brush Lettering’ workshop in Canberra. Having lots of enquiries about whether I would be running the workshop outside of Sydney, I decided to start from my second hometown Canberra.

10am came around and I was nervously & excitingly waiting for the room to be filled with 21 students who were all extremely motivated and eager to learn the art of brush lettering. The workshop was held in Dickson at a company called Wotso Workspace. Very friendly company to work with if in need of a space to hire. They provided complementary tea/coffee & set up the room to my request.

Once the room filled up and everyone was seated, we all introduced ourselves to each other. Each one of the students came from a different industry background, lots of graphic designers, public service, university students studying psychology & more. But all of them shared the same reason as to why they came to the workshop – to learn.

We kick started the workshop with the drills (everyone’s favourite). Thick & thin stokes, under turn & over turn, and the circles. My first and foremost advice is practice your drills before you begin any lettering project, as it helps to warm up your wrist, hand and get into the rhythm of the brush flow. Don’t be afraid to really push on the brush pen in order to get the thickest stroke you can. The main characteristic of brush lettering is the evident difference between the stroke thickness.

Once everyone became comfortable with the brush pen, we moved onto the lower and upper case letters. Each letter was deconstructed into individual stokes. When this is done, you can clearly see that in fact each letter has a combination of two or more strokes that we practice during drills. Sooo, once you are super confident with the drills, then the letters come naturally.

Everyone did so well and I am very proud of you all! Thank you so much for coming along and being to motivated, it means a lot!!

I just have a 3 words advice: PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

Alena ~ Moonlight Creation

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    • MoonlightCreation
      MoonlightCreation says:

      Hi Debbie,

      Thank you for your enquiry. At this stage no workshops are organised for Canberra.
      I will be organising a workshop closer towards the end of the year. I am happy to keep you updated when one is organised?

      Thank you,


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